You can’t know, You can never really know, Would you want to know

“You can’t know
You can’t ever really know
Would you really want to know
How the hell would you know”

Today was the first time I took the longboard out around the little town of Huron and it was beautiful. I took a stroll out to the
lighthouse down the crowded pier and then set up shop in the little park thats sort’ve by the Brass. It’s a go to spot for me come summertime. If
you go later in the evening perhaps even as the sun is setting the kids and families will slowly vanish and it becomes a much more peaceful spot.
It’s funny really, the lesser the people the more of an attraction a place has. Let me make it clear that I wasn’t looking for social activity such as I
would be if I am heading out for the night.

In my direct 180 degrees of vision from this cold green bench I can see numerous wildlife. One squirrel, 5 seaguls swimming and several
Robins fetching for worms. I don’t know why but I often find myself just staring at birds as they fly above the water. It’s rather fascinating. They fly
so peacefully without fear of crashing, fear of heights and they sure as shit don’t care about the other wildlife around them. Granite most birds are
fucking stupid anyhow and their inability to have cognitive thinking probably helps these traits. It’s almost worthy of envy. Give these birds the
world and they capitalize on it all. Every aspect of it. The water, the air, the grass, the trees all of it. Give a human the world and we have the ability
of fucking it up and then some. I am not even sure where I am going with this besides being a bird would be fucking awesome. Only if more people
could be like birds I guess would also be cool. We have the ability to roam free, but get stuck and choose to be stagant within a strict radius we’ve
constructed in our god damn extraordinary awesome minds. Fear will pull us around by the genitals and make us take seat if things become
unfamiliar. So after several days, perhaps months even years the fear will no longer be there. It will no longer be there because it has passed it’s
crushing genital ways along to the “GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY HEAD” regret. We all know this feeling and I am sure you’ve all screamed this before
whether it be out loud or to yourself. To be honest I am fighting a battle at this exact moment, but mine has to do with fear. Taking a leap of faith
is the term I’d like to use here. Faith in the fact that everything ends up working out. You know why everything works out? Because life does not
end because you make a life changing decision. Unless you’re a jumper then unfortunately I am sure that is in fact a life ender… Life will continue as
it did before and we as humans will adapt to the new ways. We have the ability to learn on the go. We aren’t hardwired like wildlife. We have the
ability to learn new things daily and its fucking mesmerizing. Learning things new everyday just because we decided we wanted to learn it. “I really
wish I could teach myself to fly above the water just like this damn seagull..that’d be kickass”.

This blog has been brought to you by me from this cold green metal bench and damnit it feels good to be outside and alive today. This
weather really wakes the lake up. From the humans who reside within the communities that are on the lake to the wildlife that uses its lovely
tainted algae infested fresh water! I love it…I really do love ALL of it. I wonder if the people I see off in the distance are thinking about what I am
thinking? I wonder if they realize every person they come across in life are facing demons of their own and overcoming obstacles daily to survive
just like them. I wonder if they wonder if I wonder about these things, because I do. I appreciate anyone who can take a break from their lives and
come lakeside and just stare out into it. There is a girl over in the gazebo reading a book, there is a couple walking 2 dogs connected by one leash,
there are 2 teenage boys throwing rocks out into the lake and 2 guys out in a little row boat just minding their own. THIS is the shit I appreciate. I
know it isn’t much, but god damnit it sure beats the hell outta a 9-5. It beats everything that I’ve done in the past week. Sure I implemented a new IP
phone system at my workplace that helped out a lot of people and it was educational. That is nothing to me though….I honestly don’t feel anything
from doing that. I did it because I had to do it. My fingers are starting to become numb from the chill wind coming off the lake so I need to wrap
this up. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. I am not saying make blind decisions, but you can and it’ll be okay. I personally
like to research each decision I do anymore. I’ve become very analytical it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but analyzing everything can be very
tiresome when you have someone like myself who’s brain never stops turning. It is times like these when I am staring out into the lake where I can
think freely.

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Remember these are the words of me, the words of I, and the words of everything I previously have known.


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