“Have faith in me Cause there are things that I’ve seen I don’t believe”

“Have faith in me
Cause there are things that I’ve seen I don’t believe
So cling to what you know and never let go
You should know things aren’t always what they seem”

So it’s been several months since my last post here and I’ve honestly missed it. Some good times for the often spoken down on OHIO. In the past 6 years I’ve often wondered where I’d end up. It’s no longer a question since I’ve purchased a home in a town that resides right on the shores of Lake Erie. It’s beautiful, it’s everything my heart currently desires. Everyone has different desires of course. People will even often question desires of those close to them. People often think they know what’s best for the ones they know/love, but it’s often not the case. People like to think they know. Who is anyone to say what you desire? You see with age comes comfort, with age comes wisdom and with age comes the ability to really go get what you desire. This isn’t necessarily the case for all. It’s just the experiences I’ve seen and have went through. At this point in my life I’ve seen so many of my loved ones and close friends (also loved ones) settle for their desires I used to see this as a separation barrier from me to them. As I’ve thought about it here and there it’s not that. It’s the fact they’re settling down for what they desire ( I hope so anyhow). I’ve never one day have taken for granite the large circle I have. I hope those that know me think the same way. We always have the ability to come together at any time, any date and pick up where we last left off. I’d like any of you to disprove that. It’s something that I cherish.

Now time to talk about our CLEVELAND CHAMPIONSHIP! Personally I’ve been involved in just two other championships in my life. As a 7th grade football player and when my buddies brought home a Basketball conference championship as a senior in high school. The 7th grade one as a player I will always hold a special place for the simple fact I participated in that. The senior basketball class we had was pretty fucking nasty though. It was that year our class created the student section and it took off what an amazing experience it was. As time goes by our “Winning A Championship” meanings starts to differ from person to person.  I’ve seen it come in ways of winning a Rec league, whether it be Softball or Basketball. I’ve seen it in forms of some of the marriages in which my friends have been apart of. I’ve seen it in smiles on strangers faces when you’ve/i’ve lent them a hand. I’ll see it again come October 8th when I see my fiance walking down the aisle towards me as I stand there patiently at the front of the church. Winning championships in life can essentially be anything that makes your heart tickle.  As I mentioned before with age comes comfort accompanied by a side of peace of mind. I am very happy with where I am at and where I’ve been. Steve Jobs said it best when he spoke of connecting the dots going forward. It’s impossible..you cannot do it, however you can connect them just perfectly when you’re looking back through the years and experiences. You start to discover why certain events took place in your life. You start to understand the outcomes of decisions that didn’t go your way or perhaps did. You start to let go of things that don’t necessarily matter and really start to surround yourself with only those that truly impact your life for the better. Most of us find these beings in family members, however some are the friends you’ve had for the past 20 years. Some of you perhaps have ran into the rare occurrence of finding this connection with a coworker and or new love. You know the whole “Fresh Start, New Me” stuff that you read about in novels and the occasional tear jerking news story. This stuff is real. There’s a reason it’s even a saying. I’ve been pretty lost before as far as being who I want to be in life. I’ve since then have found the person who I want to be. I know how I want people to treat me, but that only comes with how you love others. Love isn’t subjective. Love is a feeling. How do you make others feel? Love isn’t necessarily a sexual thing. Love can move mountains. When people come together to help others…that’s love. I’ve witnessed it first hand. It’s the go out and lend a hand without being owed anything or accepting anything for that matter type of mentality that moves this planet.

My middle paragraph always turns into a kitchen sink. However, it’s a pristine pure kitchen sink filled with nothing but 100% honesty. This blog goes out to anyone and everyone to whom I’ve ever had the pleasure of coming across. The friends we have at this point in our life is crazy to think about as well. The friends you’ve had since day 1 and the newcomers. However, now since we’ve moved apart and doing our own things we’ve made some new friends. These people we’ve met along the way are basically friends by chance. We find complete strangers in our new neighborhoods and decide if they are worth talking to again or not. I am under the assumption the friend finding comes to a slowdown between the “you got married” and “you have kids in school” stage. Since we’ve moved to Vermilion we know one couple here. Other than that not a single new friend and or couple. I wonder if that’s how it’s going to be until kids in school to be honest. Yeah, I know the folk on my street, but none in which are close to our age. Yet alone ones we could find ourselves hanging out with on the regular. The peace of mind that comes with growing continues only to get larger. I find friendship in other aspects of my life, I mean it’s not necessarily friendship, but it’s the growing process that I find intriguing. I like working on and around my house, watching the sunset down at the lighthouse and going out and having some beers with my fiance. These things are what keeps me moving these days. My friends aren’t lost forever, unfortunately their priorities have just changed a little. Once again we cannot connect the dots going forward, only looking back will we be able to make sense of the path we take.

Title of blog is lyrics from: A Day To Remember – Have Faith In Me

Remember these are the words of me, the words of I, and the words of everything I previously have known.

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