And Im Thinking Of A World Where People Wouldn’t Fuck You For Money

“You see I’m thinking of a world, where people stop and think for themselves
And I’m thinking of a world, where people wouldn’t fuck you for money
And I know, it’s just a dream, but it’s one I won’t let go ’cause I’m so tired of getting fucked
By you and you, and you and you…”

As most of you know all of my post titles up to this point has been song lyrics. Songs have always just had a way of speaking to me and my thoughts flourish when they hear them. I feel sorry for the individuals that haven’t the ability to feel the music. It’s an experience I feel few have obtained. You can (I can) tell the ones that have that ability. Their lives seem more joyous. You’re able to see it in their step, their body language and their attitude whenever the music hits them…anywho

How does it go everyone? It has been a minute since I’ve written anything. I can promise you I haven’t been doing much. I have been reading the “Bounty Hunter Code” where I am able to learn what it takes to become Boba Fett. It’s pretty wicked, no big deal.  I find myself only wanting to write when I become inspired by something. I mean that’s sort of a cliche statement. Most people who write are inspired by something I guess? I mean some might be writing because they had a big time novel and now they are writing just because the audience will buy the next without thinking twice. Maybe you’re just writing because you fucking want to, in that case touche!  Writing for me isn’t on a professional level nor am I trying to be graded on the grammar and literal aspect of it, but It is a way for me to escape a world that is constantly putting pressure on me.  The pressures come from every aspect of our day-to-day living. We’re not easily able to hide from it. It is not easily ignored, fuck it’s not easy to be awake for no more than 5 minutes in the morning without feeling the stress of life.  I am here to tell you the secret. I know a SECRET OF LIFE that I am willing to share with you folk. If you happened to read this blog it’ll be well worth your time.  So here it is…… I have come to conclusion and I remind myself daily of it…. EVERYONE is just out here in life winging it..Everybody is fucking winging from day-to-day hoping to get through it and onto the next one.  It really is that simple I’ve come to realize.  People are just trying to live like they know how to. Some people are comfortable with the complacency their agenda based lives offer them. Some people are gamblers and like rolling the dice from day to day a little more aggressively.  At the end of the day we all have one goal in common, to make it to the next.  That is my secret…not much of a secret now. Life doesn’t require a cable connection to see whats going on. The TV is often mistaken as the window of society, but you’ve been fooled. To see what’s going on and truly appreciate it, it takes one to challenge themselves once in awhile. If you are fine with a simple life (I am no one to say what simple is) then so be it, but it would behoove one to challenge themselves in some way or another. I push myself in the gym regularly. It’s how I break the chains of everyday life and with progress it only propels me.

Another thing I reflect on daily is my purpose here. This helps me stay leveled.  I am not talking on a religious standpoint either. Back to the seeing the world through your own eyes as opposed to the views of your television is something I strive for.  I love people…I love talking to people, interacting with people and I just really enjoy another’s company. I love talking to strangers at the pub while enjoying a beer and a laugh together. I love listening to people. I find their stories mesmerizing. It’s crazy to think that there are strangers out there just like you. The crazy thing about friendship is you sorta just start talking to someone you haven’t before and if you find what they say enjoyable you’ll talk again and before you know it you’ve made a new friend. An extraordinary weird concept I know, but I love every aspect of it. You speak to them they speak to you and once you’ve obtained the complete friendship label (Facebook doesn’t count) you’ve got the magnificent ability to open your hearts to them. You have a chance to speak to them on grounds in which you dare not travel unless you’ve got a trusted friend. The conversations you’ll have will fill you with laughter and sadness, both in which you’ll come to appreciate equally. The conversations will leave you being able to feel their words. That feeling you end up with is love. This brings me to a quote, which I love dearly (see what I did there)

“Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love.” –Albus Dumbledore

If you think about it, you’ll be able to put this into perspective immediately. The friendliest faces you interact with daily are ones who genuinely just love people. Their the ones that will lend an ear when everyone else has left. Their the ones who will spot you the $5 when you haven’t any food without expecting it in return. You know the ones that give you the time of day to appreciate you for who you are and what you do. Time is limited here. We don’t have the ability to buy more and we remain unsure of when our’s will run out. Be the change you’d wish to see amongst your peers. You’ll feel better..I promise you. It’s not worth the time nor effort to remain fake or neglect those that have love for you.  So this is who I am. I am at peace with my place here. I love helping people, I love people, and I thoroughly enjoy being a good friend. I have many good friends in which I love. Some in which I feel have neglected it over time here, but people are busy. Busy worrying about stuff they shouldn’t be and it’s not their fault. They just haven’t awoken yet.  I try my best not to fault you guys for it and I promise I’ll do my damnedest even in the hardest and darkest of times to keep us together. Until our next conversation, which I excitingly await, I’ll be here winging it day-to-day and I’ll be completely okay in my journey doing so. At the same time however get a hold of me. Let’s have a beer and converse while we remain able to do so!

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Remember these are the words of me, the words of I, and the words of everything I previously have known.


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