“I wish the world was run by love and absolutely nothing more”

Damn it’s been awhile folks. Several months…maybe 4, 5 or 6 months. A lot has happened since then you know? As it has in all of your’s as well. Since the last time I visited I have been face to face with life’s greatest happiness and it’s counterpart. This blank canvas has been my escape from reality when the volume of thoughts in my head have exceeded my thoughts bucket. I know you guys have been so patiently waiting for my blog L….O….L……


Circa 2006 I was assigned a project in a sociology class. It just happened to be one of my all time favorite classes. Each week we were assigned a writing assignment. A 1 page journal entry, which was way better than boring book work. The writing assignment was “What is a human’s greatest attribute?” So many ideas started rambling through my head immediately. I mean, humans have created electricity, vehicles that take you into space and greenhouses that can provide vegetables year round in extreme climates. INNOVATION!!!! Is definitely near the top of this list for me. INTELLIGENCE, these two things I was widely pondering over. I love Albert Einstein, not in a homosexual way, but I’ve read a lot of his work and have deemed him a sweet dude that was a complete badass at what he did. I went home that night weighing the pros/cons for each. Mind you this was one of very few classes that I was legitimately excited for. At the time I was living with a friend of mine. Several of us lived there and many other friends were constantly there chilling. I was working on my assignment one evening and a buddy of mine was in the same room and I was talking to him a little bit about it. He immediately responded with “That’s simple…it’s love” At first I didn’t quite understand, but as I began to think about it that thought had began manufacturing all these emotions within me and ultimately he was right. Love trumps all.

“I can see you’re in pain and I know that there’s something wrong
I know that you been angry, I know that you’ve seen hate”

I had a friend recently lose his father to a long battle with cancer. This just so happens to be the same person that told me 12 years ago that “Love Trumps All” and if he happens to read this I want him to know those words have stuck with me since that day. The funny thing about love is humans will push themselves to extreme measures in search of it. We will lose focus of reality and become mere objects of life itself in search of it. We all have some crazy story where a decision was made based on it, even though it may of been ill advised by your closest circle. We get to the point of no return. We enter a realm where common sense and consequence take a back seat. I recently did some reading up on love and it’s influence on mankind in general. I came across some very interesting articles. Many experts in the field have written papers on what drives human life. Reproduction of the species will primarily always be numero uno, however many lives are driven on love. Love is not an emotion, it’s a human drive. Like hunger, people seek love. People will wallow through low times and skip merrily through the highs. At the end of the day the only reason for such behaviors is because the love we have for one another and the constant drive to give love and to receive it. We go through an endless cycle of emotional extremes just for a chance at it. It turns people into someone you may not even know. The thing about it, you’ll never quite understand them, even if you’ve had a similar experience. We’ve all been both ends of the love spectrum. The pain from it hurts just a little more and the happiness seems to be a little more pure. Death just so happens to be the one that may sting the most. People gather from all over to see their loved ones off. People tell stories and reminisce of times that are long gone, but are able to remember them to the time and place because those are the stories that have stuck with you through time. Those times graciously pass through the lows and highs in life with ease because they were built in the purest form. Those times will always stick with us, even if our closest loved ones have to say goodbye…Love trumps all.

“I think I was blind before I met you”

At the other end of the spectrum I recently became a father to a baby boy. The minute I heard him cry a tear formed simultaneously in my eye. I looked down at my wife and she was crying. These are often referred to as tears of joy. Up to this point in my life it has been the greatest feeling of pure happiness I have ever experienced. I’m not sure I have the capability of loving anything or anyone as much as I love this little dude. It’s like something you’ve been searching for your entire life has found you. To all the parents out there, you know what I am talking about. It doesn’t take children to fulfill this void Everyone is different and many of us love different things. Seek out what it is that you want. Where is your love driving you? Love can take many forms and show up where you least expect it. It reminds us of happiness when we need it most and has the ability to put things into perspective without a proper invitation. The feeling of being alive stems from the things we love doing and the juice is very much worth the squeeze. Love trumps all.

“Moral fiber. So, what is moral fiber? It’s funny, I used to think it was always telling the truth, doing good deeds, basically being a fucking boy scout. But lately I’ve been seeing it differently. Now I think moral fiber’s about finding that one thing you really care about. That one special thing that means more to you than anything else in the world. And when you find her, you fight for her. You risk it all, you put her in front of everything, your future, your life, all of it. And maybe the stuff you do to help her isn’t so clean. You know what? It doesn’t matter. Because in your heart you know, that the juice is worth the squeeze. That’s what moral fiber’s all about”

As most of you know that is one of my all time favorite quotes out of any movie I have ever seen. It holds much more value these days than it did back in 2005 when I first watched it at Hocking College. To my friend that recently lost his father, your a great friend, husband and wonderful father. Your father couldn’t be any more proud of you, I guarantee that. Some of you may be wondering and when I say some I mean like all 5 of you, but you may be wondering why I chose a penguin for my picture. Well outside of the fact Sam Gardner off of Atypical loves them they have many quality traits we could learn from. These Penguins in the picture are Emperor Penguins, the grand daddy of Penguins. They live in large groups called “waddles” in the utmost extreme temperatures, they have the same fears and thus stick close to one another offering protection to anyone within. Should the mother and father of a chick die other parents will take care of them. They mate for life and travel for miles upon miles in search for food for their loved ones. They go through extremes because of love (that and it’s all they know), but don’t think for one second they don’t mourn the loss of a loved one, because they do. “Emperor Penguins are rightly a symbol of parental devotion, no matter the cost”….Love trumps all.


Title of blog is lyrics from: Black Rock by O.A.R

Remember these are the words of me, the words of I, and the words of everything I previously have known.

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