“It’s alright to tell me what you think about me I won’t try to argue or hold it against you”

“The punk rock ethos exists in a form where kids can adopt it and become unique, become individuals and celebrate the fact that their outcast and the more of an outcast you become the better you feel about yourself. You use it for the wrong way when you try to judge other people for not being something. You’re missing the point entirely.”

-Tom Delonge

      I know as most of you read this you’re probably thinking to yourself “What the hell does Tom Delonge know about punk rock?” Truth is I couldn’t honestly answer that. I don’t personally know Tom, nor have I ever met him. I do know that I wouldn’t ever turn down the opportunity to meet him though. So Tom if you ever come across this blog on the vast internet i’d be down to meet you. For what it’s worth I’ve always really liked Blink-182. This blog isn’t about all Blink before you stop reading though. This blog comes from a couple months of thoughts of just random thoughts that I’ve been pondering. I am actually skipping a couple blogs for this. I had a bachelor party and I got married between the last blog and this one. Blogs for those will be coming just not tonight. I’ve recently turned 31 who cares right? Age is just a number what you do and how you feel is really what makes you who you are. What you choose to do with your life determines the youth in your soul. This has probably been the busiest year to date in my life. Like I mentioned before I got married, but I also purchased a home earlier this year. A busy year it has been for me, it has not slowed me down however. If I’ve ever felt a bit of resistance in life, believe you me I fight it. It’s my trade by nature. Consider me the devils advocate of life if you will. I don’t understand why so many willingly lay amongst the wayside and let life take it’s toll?  Perhaps you could offer more resistance against the powers that be in life? I’ve met so many pushovers now that I am in the business world.  It turns out that there really are people that like to be told what to do , how to do it, and what deadline to meet.

“I don’t know who this person is, but I’ve seen his face before
A face I don’t wanna have to face, I don’t think I like me anymore”  #NoFx

    Which leads me upon to my next part in this blog.  It was November 14th, Monday night. I just got off work and met a buddy at a Red Robin, we were heading to a show in Cleveland that night. I get there he finishes his beer and we leave. It’s a 25 minute commute to downtown. I recently found out about a very unknown parking garage right downtown and its dirt cheap. We parked there and it was pretty bare. Some cars, but not enough to make us think twice about pounding a tall boy. We sat there talked about old shows we’ve been to and finished our beer. We went down to East 4th and stopped at corner alleys and bought a beer.  I got a Fat Tire….I fucking love Fat Tire.  Any way, we finished that and went across the road to House Of Blues. I’ve been here many a times, but never for NoFx. This is actually the first time I’ve ever had the chance to see them. I just turned 31 a week ago and I am pumped to see an old school punk band thats still kicking ass.  The first band was pretty solid, I don’t quite remember their names. The second band we seen was named “The Pears” which is a kickass band signed to Fat Wreck. I remember the days of me and my buddy following the punk bands and seeing what label they were signed to and stuff. This is mere or less never happening again in my life, able to be imitated, but never duplicated. That feeling of untarnished youth will never be tapped into again. As the lights dim NoFx takes the stage and opens with Six Years On Dope. I’m on the fence mid mosh and it’s a dream come true.  Fat Mike is wearing a skirt and rocking out. To be up front in center with one of the bands that really took a hold of me my high school days was fuckin rad.  I’ve never seen them before so perhaps by seeing them now it was more appreciated for what they’ve done for the punk rock world. It’s that not caring about anything, not caring about money in your pockets, not caring if I really know whats going on tomorrow type of feeling. Even if it only last an hour, it’s times like these that let you feel alive in this world.  We are so concerned with things we really can’t control anymore and have forgotten to take control of the times we do have. Sure they come fewer and far between as we get older, but it’s important to seize those moments. One of my favorite scenes in any movie is in “Perks of being a Wallflower.” When they are driving through the tunnel at the end and WE CAN BE HEROES is playing. Fucking great scene right there, check it out here –> The Perks of Being a Wallflower

“Gotta go to work, gotta go to work, gotta have a job”  #ModestMouse

  With that concert I was able to tap into my inner self. That inner self that tries it’s damnedest to resist these societal deadlines. Damn it was fucking rad! The beauty about the punk scene over the years I’ve been listening to it hasn’t changed. From my first shows at Peabody’s in CLE of listening to no name punk bands in highschool to listening to punk bands at 31. The shows are the same. People are their for one reason. To have fun….to leave your worries at the gate about how old you are, what nationality you are, or even if you know who the band is. The adolescent inner-self comes alive in times like these and it’s a feeling that isn’t felt often these days for most. Below I quoted Tom Delonge from the documentary he did. Great documentary if you guys want to watch check it out here –> Tom Delonge Pursuit of Tone .  Music is one of the biggest aspects of my life. It’s a way I am able to keep my spirit from the life that wants to control it. Concerts will always be one thing that I can permanently tap into. The punk scene does more for kids than what meets the eye of this I am sure. It’s not often anymore I am in a mosh. Even if the mosh days are coming to an end I’ll always be able to look into the mosh and see 16 year old me bouncing around its core putting life on hold. #FloatOnFolks



“I think we hit on something that sounded like adolescents lashing out over being caught in the middle of a storm that they had no control of, you know you grow up thinking that your parents are more powerful than they are they know a lot more than they do and as you get older you start to learn their just people to, they’re about as vulnerable and as ah you know destructible as you are and I think that’s whats great about Rock n Roll. Umm its not about the music as much as its about the emotion and the emotion is what resonates with people. They feel something. I think sometimes we lose sight of that importance.”  

–Tom Delonge



Title of blog is lyrics from: Dammit – Blink 182

Remember these are the words of me, the words of I, and the words of everything I previously have known.

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