“Well I wonder which song they’re gonna play when we go”

I haven’t really a thought for this blog just yet. I’ve had a couple ideas that have come up here and there since my last entry just about a month ago now. My fiance got me this kick ass Harry Potter journal for the Holiday’s and I whip that fucker out whenever an idea strikes. I doodle all the time in any notebook I have.  I have a weird obsession with notebooks filled with blank pages…oh yeah that all of them :). I use to fill pages with lyrics, band names, Magic the gathering cards, video games, quotes and just whatever came to mind. I had an entire pocket notebook filled with Michael Jordan, Rodney Dangerfield and Jim Morrison quotes.  I’ve just always have had a thing for a blank piece of paper and a pen. Same goes for writing online. I am allowed to write anything I want, regardless of how absurd or crazy or irrelevant it is…I am allowed to write it. I certainly don’t do it because my blog is highly sought. I average 20’ish clicks per a post via Bit.ly so that’s cool, but I want to stress to those that are reading it that I encourage you to be open about what you believe in. It’s freedom at it’s finest

The past couple weeks have been crazy hectic for me. I have been in the midst of buying a house. If any of you are reading this and have a bought a house you know exactly what I am talking about. I also had the opportunity to go to a friends bachelor party in North Carolina. It was a crazy good time with friends I often don’t get to hang out with because, life gets fucking busy.  For the past several years now I’ve felt as if most of my closest friends have just said “fuck it” and have tossed the better part of 10 years to the road side. I want them to know that I miss them. Life gets busy, it really does. For some reason I can’t ever and I mean EVER stop thinking about the ones closest to me.  That statement includes friends I go months without seeing. I often wonder why/how the fuck it’s possible cause this is a dog-eat-dog world and most people don’t give a fuck about you or how you’re doing this very moment.  It’s somewhat unfortunate knowing they’re people out there that wouldn’t go the same route as you would when it came to loyalty, but that’s life.  I escape reality through good lyrics and comical relief. If you can’t find relief in either of those I am sorry. No, I am not sorry you think I am insane for finding comfort in someone else’s words.  There are actually a few people left in this world for each of us to be able to escape through without applying the makeup first. It’s important we hold these individuals close to us. If they happen to fall by the wayside you/I could spend the rest of our lives trying to find them again. There is something irreplaceable about the person you’ve spent a better part of your life growing up with just to not talk to them daily. I just hope that they’re okay and well. I love them all.

One of the biggest things about to happen is softball season is about to begin and I love it. I love competing. I love the trash talk. I love playing on the ball diamond under the lights. I love playing competitively with my friends. They’re great guys whose loyalty remains amongst everyone on the team.  If you haven’t the opportunity to honestly feel loyalty amongst your friends I am sorry. It’s  a feeling I wouldn’t trade for money..not today or tmrw. The big thing with friendship is that you don’t necessarily receive what you put into it. It’s more or less a relationship. Someone is putting in more work, hours and time. At the end of the day though it’s worth it. Two random people on this earth have decided they like one another and it’s worth keeping the other person around, because they enjoy them. Friendship is awesome.

Title of blog is lyrics from: 59 Sound by Gaslight Anthem

Remember these are the words of me, the words of I, and the words of everything I previously have known.

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