Well, it took a lot of work to be the ass that I am

Man I feel like a ghost on here right now. The same way I’ve been feeling with life lately, but we’ll get to that here in a bit. I’ve been meaning to post something for several weeks now, just life has been getting in the way ya know?  Like this shit that you know that has to happen..happens. You are well aware of planning around it, but for whatever reason we accept it’s inconvenient ways with open arms.  Like what the fuck? It’s like we are completely aware of all the irrelevant shit that we’re doing day in and out and it’s somehow okay.  We allow it to be okay, because others allow it to be ok. Where the hell am I going with any of this right now?  It’s been several weeks since I have written anything and quite frankly I dearly miss it. I love writing…a blank white page and your thoughts..it’s peaceful. It brings a slice of life to me that I am unable to obtain otherwise.  These past few weeks my life has been a roller coaster without the climax…it’s had it’s up’s and downs, still waiting for the ending however. I’m waiting for the period where I sit back and decide whether or not it was worth the ride. Real life experience however can’t be bought…I am a living real life experience right now and it’s quite lovely.

I have been employed by a lovely company for the past 3 years.  Some of the people I have met I hope to keep close. Smart phones and tablets have been allowing this for years yet we fail to grasp the important aspects of these devices. These devices which were meant to keep us closer have only kept us further apart.  There are several people that I will wish to stay in contact with. I love these people. They’re the type of people that are put into your life to stay…for awhile anyhow. You folk know exactly what I am talking about here. You meet someone and you’re like HOLY SHIT…why is this person so much like me, why do they think like me, and why is their thought process like mine? These are the people that you’ll remember down the road. Perhaps it’ll be one conversation you had with them that may help you in a moment of need. Perhaps it’ll be their actions in which you’ve witnessed that’ll help you in a time of need. Perhaps it’ll just be a simple reminder of who they are and what they believe in that’ll get you along the way one day. These are the things I seek out in people..these are the things I look forward to when I meet a stranger.  If I don’t know you it is the intriguing thought that only brings me closer.  You know the what if, the when, the where…I just love people in general. The stories and different aspects of imagination they bring to the table could keep me intrigued for much longer than bullshit coffee talk could. Weather talk, sports talk. work talk….c’mon….and I love me some fucking sports talk…but I have no need for it outside of a couple craft beers couldn’t handle.  We humans stick to the basics too often to actually get to know one another.  I have rolled the dice for the first time in my life because of this on going issue around this place. People around here seem to be scared of change, scared of the what if and the what about tomorrow…I don’t get it.  I am here to let you know the only sure signs of life are quite simple to notice. The flutter in your chest, the wrench in your gut, the goosebumps that appear on your arms that send shivers up your spine, and the fear that’ll strike you frozen. <– These emotions are the ones that keep us leveled. These are the ones that keep us pushing on, these are the ones that keep us in check in knowing that we are alive and well.

I swear that within this life we’ll learn to accept one anothers differences, we’ll learn to befriend thy neighbor…we’ll learn to be civil towards one another. It’s fucking disgusting…I know so many good people.  I know so many people that want to constantly categorize themselves just to fit in I’m assuming. It is crazy what people are willing to do to label themselves. Get the fuck outta here with that shit haha…like I won’t take you serious if you come to work preaching politics over a morning cup of coffee.  There is many things outside of this irrelevant bubble of speech.  I could care less about who the next puppet of the oval office will be.  We’ll learn to dislike our court system over certain court cases before we truly start disagreeing with the actual actions of our next president. Most of you will go into the next presidential election solely based on the Republican and Democratic party status and not think twice about it.  Most of us will go home that night and sleep tight because we picked who we thought should be the winner as if we did a job well done that day. We’ll all walk around with our head’s held a little higher and a slight skip to our step because we made a difference that morning. We’ll walk go on living our day to day life trying to justify to one another why it was right or wrong to vote for him or her on this or that.  Democracy is dead people. The only thing that we have an honest say on anymore are the “issues”. School Levys, Fire Fighters, Amendments, Libraries and hell even this November marijuana.  Your vote does in fact count towards these things. Every vote is counted towards what you voted for. There isn’t any electoral college to say otherwise.  That is all I really have tonight, but damn it’s good to be writing again. I miss it…life has been busy as hell lately. It’s going well though I think..I mean it’s the only life I have ever known so..yeah…things are going well.  I am going to leave on a quote I’ve recently read out of a newly acquired book.  “Be true to yourself, because there are only a few people that will stay true to you” <– I wholeheartedly believe that Mr.Daley.


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