“Burn it up, or just chop it down. This one’s done, so where to now?”

Since I am writing this piece for Jason’s blog I decided to continue his tradition of titling each writing with a lyric – and it’s MM to boot! This title/ lyric is particularly fitting because I want to address our “throw away” culture.

Everything is thought to be disposable any more. Whether it’s an item purchased at the store, a thought, or human being. We have become too comfortable throwing things away. Of course, some items are made to be discarded. Heck, disposable razors have it right there in their name. However, a plethora of reusable and quality products are thrown in the trash. Landfills are over flowing with objects that the homeless, or communities of poorer countries would deem treasures. We want bigger, better, and when it’s not enough we toss it aside – regardless of the fact that it still has value. The physical aspect of this trend can easily be observed as it has a visible effect, but what about the emotional impact and changes we have undergone in this decade of disposability?

How have we become so comfortable with throwing away people? Living people are not disposable, because disposable items are items that have lost value and are no longer functional, or purpose serving. Since when does a human LIFE lose value? Become worthless? They don’t. Somehow we have trained ourselves to un-see this. We’ve lost compassion, loyalty, and empathy – fundamental building blocks of any human-to-human relationship. We throw away life-long friendships over petty things. We discard people we love because they require work. We abort children without a second thought because it requires responsibility. Fuck you if you’re the slightest inconvenience. Fuck you if I have to put in work. So, fuck me, right? What happened to fixing things that are broken? It’s BULLSHIT that we have become so detached. It’s natural to have emotions. We’re humans, not robots. Though it’s hard to tell when your relationships are built over computer screens. Quit pretending that things don’t hurt you. We have lessened the perceived value of feelings by claiming that they don’t exist, and that they hold no value. Stop selling yourself for likes.  Don’t you wonder WHY you feel so God damn empty? Things aren’t supposed to be like this. Get an opinion. Care about other people. DO SOMETHING.

So often you hear people saying, “The world has gone to shit.”  “Nobody cares anymore.”  But they sit back and let it continue. Change begins with you. The generations before us may not have been as advanced, but, man, does it seem like they knew how to hold on to things. Car broke down? They fixed it. Pants got a rip? They sewed them. Things got tough in a relationship? They worked at it. It shouldn’t be such a foreign concept to us. Recycle. Repurpose. Reinvest. Repair…  before this throw away culture turns us all to trash.


–Brianna Hammond