People Help The People

Welcome everyone to the year 2015! Whatever that means right? I’ve never been one to get to excited about the new year.  What I really get excited about is all the “Year in Review” articles. It can be overwhelming at what is actually accomplished during the year if you don’t stop and take a look once in awhile.  People get caught up with “life” too much.  There is so much that goes left unsaid and unheard of. The technology created to put the world in our hands has suppressed us even farther. I love information, I love sharing information.  Information allows us to deem something useful or non-useful, good or bad, moral or immoral.  This blog allows me to share the info that I know to everyone that I know. The ability to access it off of a computer, phone or tablet.  Any who I come forward with a crazy ending to a 2014 year.  The month of December 2014 will forever hold a very special place in my soul. When people come together as one we can move mountains.

December 5th around 5:30 pm I was driving home from work.  I noticed gas was surprisingly cheap that day.  I didn’t need much, but with the way gas prices work I like to top my tank off when I am able.  I pulled into the gas station, one in which I visit regularly.  I pulled up to the pump got out and swiped my card…error.  Swiped it again…error. At this point i tried wiping down the magnetic strip (this does nothing btw) I swiped it again…error!  I heard the gas station attendant over the speaker say that’d be out to assist me.  Lets call him Jim… Jim came out looked at my card to ensure it was a credit card in which this gas station recognized. I assure’d him I’ve used this card here before and that I’ve never had an issue. He told me they’ve been having some issues with this card reader at that pump today.  After 3 more failed attempts at swiping the card he asked me if I had another form of payment.  I began to walk into the store with him to pay with some cash.  I was intercepted by a lady half way there. Sir…Sir….I turn to my left and she hands me $40.  I stand there and try to explain to her that my card just wasn’t working and that I did have money for my gas.  She replied “Don’t care, Merry Christmas”. I stood there for a second in shock..”Ma’am…Ma’am” I said getting her attention right before she enters her vehicle.  I seriously don’t need this money, but thank you very much.  “What is your name” I said. As she was getting into her car she smiled and just said “Merry Christmas” and drove off. I stood there soul shocked. I continued my way into the store gave the man $15 to top my tank off. Walked outside gave a gentleman a $20 bill to pay for his gas while saying “Merry Christmas” and later that evening donated the other $15 to the Salvation Army.  There was no need for me to keep all the money. One of my favorite song lyrics is “Control yourself, take only what you need from it”.   It’s these type of events that keeps people moving in their darkest times, it’s these type of unexplained nontraditional events that show the world what  love is. I don’t intend on ever forgetting this day…matter of fact I don’t ever want to.

December 6th I woke up and couldn’t stop thinking about that event.  Continued my day with it weighing heavy on my mind. Not that it was a bad thing, but just really curious. Human always ponder the curious things in life, the unexplained things.  Sunday came around and I decided I wanted to do something of that nature, but I didn’t want to just go hand some cash over to someone, it was already done.  I wanted to create an opportunity to allow other people to help other people. It is where my #PeopleHelpingPeople campaign came from.  After browsing the internet Sunday afternoon and evening I eventually came across the Salvation Army website.  Looking around that I found a Hats/Gloves/Scarves for children campaign read up on it and bingo! Later in the week I created a campaign on with initial goal of $150.  A couple days had passed and I received $45 worth of donations ($25 of it being my own).  I started to post it several times a day via social media sites and boy what a game changer that was.  I didn’t spread the information as well as I should have in the beginning. I guess I was afraid the people wouldn’t answer. It was around the holidays and people work very hard for their money and had other priorities for their cash.   I was proven very wrong… $15 , $20, $45 and even $50 donations started coming in left and right.  5 days into this campaign and I surpassed my goal of $150 and was currently at $230 so I upped the goal to $300. Sure enough next day I was at $310 and the campaign was over. I remember staring at the computer screen and just reading the comments for each donation.  I received text messages, phone calls and people congratulating me in person for this effort.  It is I that was stunned, the fact that these folk actually have no idea how much I care for things like this. Things like this keep me going in life. #PeopleHelpingPeople has ENDLESS possibilities.  It is crazy what we can do as a society if we just work together.  I think we downgrade our neighbors to often and soon most times.  All we have to really do is ask for help.  I’ve always been the type to give people the benefit of the doubt.  Give em a chance and they’ll blind the world.

After the taxes and charges to gofundme as well as a few cancelled donations I ended up getting $245. Almost $100 over my initial goal.  You guys seriously don’t know how much I appreciate you all and how much this has taught me.  People are good!  Just hold your hand out for help once in awhile and you’ll see.  You’ll be in awe and you won’t be able to explain the feeling to anyone else, but you can feel it. You’ll feel these types of experiences in your heart till the day you die.  I THANK YOU all from the bottom of my heart.

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