If it ain’t about a dream, than it ain’t about me

What if? What if what? What if it did happen or what if it didn’t? God forbid society allows this type of questioning happening these days.  They always say you can question the “What if”. Well why the fuck not?!

Growing up playing sports there is always the “What if”.  It’s either upsetting or simply put awesome!  Typically your always going to go with the latter.  It’s just the sheer excitement of what if. It’s the closest thing to being a kid that we are able to hold on to. The imagination of the  human mind is insanely built for thee utmost courageous situation you throw at it.  There is no rules when it comes to questioning the outcome of something. Let me rephrase that. There is no right/wrong answer when it comes to playing make belief.

Wait..What? I am a child for playing make belief? Why do you not play make belief anymore? It is a childish statement i’ll give you that, but how am I suppose to just suppress this imagination I have? Do you not have it? Am I weird? Am I different for having such a vast imagination as opposed to you?  Would you like me to suppress it with some medication? Ahh yes, we don’t want my kind do we? Corporations profit MILLIONS every year to suppress imaginations. I don’t have any type of adhd or add, but at almost 30 years old I have a wandering imagination.  One that is so very active it often keeps me up at night, side tracks me during the days, and often feeds off of every little detail within my day.  I have actually been asked before if I have ADD..NO!  It is this reason why I am writing this for you. I do not. I am intrigued by everything, I want to know why it is happening. What you take from living life is the same shit your reading about in college. People you read about in your books came across something in life wrote it down and now your reading about it. That is a very vague statement and I understand it could go many ways, however the psychologist and sociologist really didn’t do to much except follow their imaginations correct?  They went with what the believed in and have coursed history.

When you think about how long you’ve spent in school, being told what to do  and how to do it, it’s quite scary. Kindergarten to 12th grade is how long it takes to graduate. Let’s throw another 2 maybe 4, 6 or even 8 years of another schooling system that drains you of any financial hope you may have had.  It’s after the 4 years you better be remarkable or your going to fall in line. It’s within the 4 years they make you believe it’s necessary to get a job. <–That’s another blog right there… You have no time to think. You are constantly learning something you may not even care about, which doesn’t necessarily “move” your mind by any means.  At the same time if you fail a class your not allowed questioning it. You failed, you must take that course over.  The line has been drawn, no turning back or better yet forward until you retract.  It’s almost as if you begin school “they” start suppressing any imagination you’ve ever had.

I come before you folk today to point out that your imagination doesn’t die, better yet it never dies. Society has you believing otherwise. I have graduated high school, graduated college and have found a job in my respected field.  None of which has ever stimulated my brain when I have 5 minutes to myself to enjoy the imagination we as humans have been granted.  I do the same things day after day, eat essentially the same things day after day, and talk to the same “group” of people day after day. <–How the fuck is that suppose to stimulate anyone’s mind? You always hear of the robots living among us. Truth be told they are speaking of you, not all of you, but most. I long for pure and in depth conversations anymore. I don’t give a fuck about the weather, I don’t give a fuck about the Kardashians and I sure as shit don’t give a fuck about what so and so said on Facebook. I will admit I use all social media devices for a purpose of my own, but I am not talking about it around the coffee pot in the morning.  The gift of imagination has the ability to forever stimulate or brains. It’s the what if’s and the how comes that keep us on our feet. Embrace it once in awhile, if your not then I truly question your existence.  I often question whether or not I am suppose to be in my field or working elsewhere. We will never know, but we can always ask ourselves. We have the ability to wonder, wander and dream. It’s fucking beautiful. I often go places that I know physically I will never be.  I guess I am just wondering why we allow ourselves to succumb to societies ways. We often our frowned upon for asking “why” and god forbid you stand up against something. Only because you chose to wander to place you know as your own and speak/stand up against the norm.  I stand in front of you folk and ask that you continue to stand up against the norm even when everyone else is standing against you. Your imagination can not be killed or disrupted. The only way it dies is if you allow it.


Remember these are the words of me, the words of I, and the words of everything I previously have known.




Hello, Hello, Hello….I’m Glad I Found You

“l am starting to feel like everything I do is useless and everyone is against me, I get up everyday and give it my all, no one seems to appreciate or respect me for anything I do. Can anyone relate?”

^^^ I came across this post on my Facebook wall tonight.  It comes across to me as a semi-depressing post, because I know this person. I know they are one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met, this person has served for our country on numerous tours and from what I have witnessed is very well respected amongst their peers.

I am curious as to what took place for this post to be manufactured. There had to be a specific event that took place for this post to be created. I have been thinking very similar thoughts and this is why a blog is being created tonight.

Most people go day in and out at their job and never tell a soul about it. You know the typical “How was your day?” “How was work?” technology and this fear of running out of “work time” has restricted our conversation on a day to day basis. It has altered our overall care for one another. Actions speak louder than words and unfortunately in a world flourished with technology words spoken between one another are to far and few between.

To say I am not guilty would be a lie. I try to talk to my siblings and parents as much as possible. A 5 minute phone call is all it takes. Find out how they are doing? Did they have something important going in their life today? Let them know they have been working hard or your proud of them and their accolades. Hitting a home-run in your life could be completely different in someone else’s. The negativity in this life is downright ugly. The hurtful words, the hate, the whole pick a side or else is dumb.

I dare not associate myself with these type of folks anymore. I don’t have time for it and as far as I am concerned they don’t deserve such an understanding loyal friend.  I don’t have time for enemies. I have some amazing friendships that I cherish. Good “I care for you and you care for me” type of friendships. The kind of people you search your entire life for.  I am extremely fortunate with the people I’ve met, the type of people I dare to never take for granted. Perhaps it’s the reasoning behind the mild depression of what isn’t anymore. I am just fine knowing they are doing well, I am happy their healthy, and at peace with the fact we’ve shared laughter together. It doesn’t take much for me to appreciate a good thing. I’ve grown up and have seen pain. I have witnessed what it can do before I’ve realized what is even going on.

It wasn’t to long ago that I vowed to be more open to the beliefs of others. To be open minded you must be “OPEN-MINDED” accept all. Why should we not like each other because you believe something different. That is so silly to me.  The only credit i’ll ever give to my time of employment at Kalahari is the people it introduced me to.  I have met some great people, people that I would’ve disregarded in the past. I love them, I love all of them. The uniqueness and friendship they’ve showed me has been nothing short of pure.

I write this blog for not only you guys, but to remind myself. At time’s we need to step back from this life and see what we have in front of us. This life where technology is new every morning we wake. There is a better app, a better phone, some type of new communication technology. At the same time we disregard it like its a plague. I see it as humanities cry for help. “Let’s come together, Lets help one another, You are not alone” these are the things that this technology is trying to tell us. It doesn’t have to speak words to tell us what we are doing wrong. It’s being laid out right in front of us. I ask of you to be nicer to people, spread kindness when possible. I promise I am going to do the same, because I am tired of the pain in everyday life.  If I have the opportunity to make a difference in just on persons life per day I will gladly accept that.


Remember these are the words of me, the words of I, and the words of everything I previously have known.



No Matter Where Life Takes Me You Can Find Me With A Smile

“No matter where life takes me, find me with a smile
Pursuit to be happy only laughing like a child
I never thought life would be this sweet
It got me cheesing from cheek to cheek”

^^The song that has inspired me for this evenings blog.  Yes, I had a general idea of what I wanted my blog to be about tonight, however I heard this song and it literally made me sit down and do some writing.

It is currently 10:37pm on 9/18/2014 exactly 26 hours ago there was a moment in my life that took place where it took me back. You know the nostalgic feeling you get when something completely random in life takes place. A song comes on the radio, a smell, or perhaps it’s deja vu. Regardless of how you got it, it’s a randomized life event that takes place for you to get that feeling.

This time 10 years ago my friends and I felt invincible. High School Football was in the air in the surrounding areas of Collins, Wakeman, Norwalk, Monroeville, Olena, Clarksfield and so on. Every Friday night these towns would shut down to watch the “Boys Of Fall”. The life lessons you learn from being a part of a team in High School you will forever call upon in life. I never believed it when my coaches would tell me this. It’s true, every Friday night….regardless if you hung out with the guy to the right of you or to the left, you had his back. There was no worry about whether he had yours or not. It’s a given, one of the few times in life where you can without a doubt count on the 10 other guys surrounding you. It’s a no question asked kind of trust the kind of trust you seek the rest of your life for outside of your blood line. The assurance the 10 others around you provide you with is something we all are in constant search of. I am not saying it doesn’t happen, I am saying it happens once in a blue moon. The “Friday Night Lights”, the crowd, the cheerleaders, the HOMETOWN PRIDE that your encapsulated with is something you never let go. A little piece of us is still seeking this.

It was the top of the the 7th down by 2 runs and I was in right field. The time is 8:45pm on a mild fall night in Norwalk, Ohio. The grass had already built up a substantial amount of dew. The lights were shining on us. There were very few people in the stands (perhaps only the significant others of each team).  The other team gained 1 run on us. Putting them up by 3 going into the last at bats we never hung our heads. Mind you we are grown men at this point, but have the feeling of boys on a Friday Night.

We come to the last a bat. The positive vibes on our bench are currently those you’d only feel on the sidelines 10 years prior. We get back-to-back single shot home runs. We are currently jumping around like we just won the Stanley Cup (I love Hockey). We get a walk and another base runner. Currently with a man on 2nd and 1st we have 2 outs. Next guy up hits a rope into center field. Our bench is going crazy. Guy rounds 3rd and scores at home untested.

The lights, The pride, The team, The group effort, The trust we all had in one another had come to an end. We have won, We were cheesin from cheek to cheek regardless if we even really cared for one another that much.  We came together as a team, we conquered what was in front of us. The feeling we all felt that night was a decedent of the feeling you were able to feel EVERY FRIDAY night in the fall as a High School Football Player. Kenny Chesney says it best, these feelings only come randomly anymore…The day you wed your wife, the day your child is born, the day you become a grandparent. I am far from that however the point is this overwhelming exuberant feeling comes far and few between. Embrace it, it’s crazy what we can accomplish together and the awards always far outweigh the work.

I guess I just find it crazy how fast time flies, how fast we forget the roots that built our foundation. Stay true, stick close to what you know, it is only then where you’ll be able to truly see what direction to take. Don’t forget where you came from and appreciate the little events that have taken place in your life up to this point.


Remember these are the words of me, the words of I, and the words of everything I previously have known.



These Walls Are Paper Thin

Android fan boys vs Apple fan boys , Customization vs Simplicity , Open-Mindedville vs The Simpletons.

Yes we are all aware if the new iOS coming out today and yes some of you may be very excited (mostly media induced). I am intrigued by several features the new iOS is bringing to the table, however the biggest selling point of these new phones is the screen size. I can’t tell you how many iPhone users (anti-android) have told me they wouldn’t want to switch to Android because all the screen sizes are bigger and it wouldn’t fit in their hand properly. I know this is not speaking on behalf of everyone that deny’s making the switch.  I guess the most irritating thing to me is the fact the way the mass media portrays the 2.  Most of the “new”features that the iOS 8 is bringing has already been there on Android and NOBODY admits that. Give credit where credit is due.  I do like the iPhone6+ camera features I am very intrigued by this. The new Galaxy I am sure will have the touch sensor. Apple had that first. I don’t understand it, however I may never. It won’t keep me from writing about it however.

I have been a user of both Android and iOS. I understand humans have a tendency to repeat the steps of yesterday, but at least do your own research when it comes to getting technology (or anything).  We have a tendency of following others already, dont let the mass media also control your cognitive thinking.   Technology is changing daily and the “new” technology you get today could have been already out for sometime. (cough* Android vs Apple cough*)

This post isn’t completely Anti-Apple, more or less Anti the “Pride” Apple consumers carry. It’s beginning to become a lifestyle for these folks. Consumerism to the fucking teat! You are allowed to vary your tech devices, savvy?   I have a MacBook at home and I love it. Sure I paid a price that far outweighed the actual hardware that it withholds.  I admit it however, I like it. I did my research while shopping for laptops. I had the money and decided to get it. Will I buy another one when it shits the bed? Quite frankly I am not sure, I guess it depends on if I win the lottery or not.


Remember these are the words of me, the words of I, and the words of everything I previously have known.


If I ever met you, I appreciate the love

Hello again its been a couple days and I am still getting this whole blog thing going. Thank you foremost for coming here and reading this, but more importantly please feel free to subscribe and question/comment.

Lets get started. I’d like to point out that all my titles for blogs come from song lyrics that hit me when I hear them. Just like O.A.R said “The best thing about music when it hits you, you feel no pain”. One of the truest statements i’ve ever heard. Music is a huge part of my life. Genre doesn’t matter as long as I can feel it in my soul. Anywho that could be a blog within itself.

I come to you this evening to talk about “Family”. This past weekend I had the opportunity to be apart of my Sisters wedding. THis is the second Sisters wedding that I’ve had the pleasure in being a part of. I am the oldest of us three and have always had the big brother thing going on I suppose. With the way people push Family aside these days I feel rather fortunate of having such a close one. The “perfect” family doesn’t exist I get it. For whatever reason though we are all searching for it? Family is what you make it. Built on items that an outsider cannot and will never understand. The trust you put in one another is a stronger trust a more meaninful trust. It’s the knowing as long as you have each other everything will be alright. It’s the assurance that it doesn’t matter what comes your way you’ve already managed some pretty tough times together and have come out on top. Growing up with a broken family at such a young age can leave kids broken and they lose focus of what is real. I have been rather fortunate in that matter. My Sisters and I have had this unbreakable bond from the start, 28 years later it still exist. The statement “Blood is Thicker than Water” has actual meaning to it between us. The tough times we have endured in the past has only better prepared us for the here and the now. It’s making the best of what you have or had.

I am not quite sure where I wanted to go with this blog, more or less just an appreciation of what I have. I am well aware of what is “real” in this world and “Home to me is reality” <– another O.A.R lyric. Having the pleasure of watching both of my Sisters get married will always carry a place in my heart. Having the pleasure of watching all my Family come together for these special times in all of our lives. I can only hope I pass on the morals and roots that my last name has carried through us up to this point.

This blog is dedicated to my Grandfather: “Grandpa Pete” 07/04/06 #rip


Remember these are the words of me, the words of I, and the words of everything I previously have known.


These troubles won’t last forever

Never have I had a more pure title. “These troubles won’t last forever”. I am not even quite sure where I am going with this blog lol. I do know that my sister is getting married this weekend and that has been on my mind.

Family to me has been the utmost influential thing in my life to this day.  Until recently I thought it use to be friendships. The strongest friendships even have a breaking point. This isn’t to say they are dead nor lost. Some of the greatest dudes I have known up to this point have managed to finally distance themselves from who they truly are, but more importantly for who they wish they could still be. My father has always told me since graduating high-school that my “friends” will be gone one day. I started to not believe him because it has taken so long. The day is finally upon me as I approach each night the same. Seeking for something more. The social life I once was apart of is no more.

The very technologies that people have worked on for years to keep us a post away are the very same technologies that keep people in the shadows of their friends to this day. With the ability to tele-communicate 24hrs a day people are still longing for just a simple text message.  Have we became so caught up with technology we’ve forgotten to use it for its sole purpose? Telecommunication?

I have never understood the “complete give up” of the ones you care about the most . Mother fucker I have spent the past 22 years of my life building my friendships why the hell would I give up on them now. People get married, People have kids..I get it. Why is it a correlation in which they must give up friendships? I am sick of tired of dealing with the excuses day in and out. I understand family comes in between the friendships you’ve built all your life, but when I consider them family whats the rule?  Think about it since you have been in kindergarten you have been building friendships. Apparently the thing to do these days are to totally disregard and ignore these friendships you’ve spent a better of your life creating.  Society wants you to believe that it is acceptable.  SINCE WHEN is it acceptable to completely ignore the ones you have given the better part of your life to? The ones you truly care about?

I think I have had such a hard time because of the fact that I have given it my all…all my life I have given it my all. This is in regard to anyone I have ever come across, loved, befriended, or cared about. I have provided you with the foundation of my soul. Why? Because that is how we are suppose to treat people, right?  Honesty and purity are in itself a way to show complete care and love. Why the fuck would you neglect it in such a way in which it destroys any type of relationship we’ve ever had?

I guess I am tired of trying…however that is not a valid excuse for me to give up on it.  Since when has it been acceptable for people who “care” about one another to push it to the side?

Friendships use to be my way of life, However I am learning differently. Life is only what you make of it. Life is what you want it to be. Life is what you define it as. To the people out there that are bettering this world with someone or not I love you.  Please fight on in whatever you are passionate about. Your heart wont steer you wrong.


#FloatOn world.

Remember these are the words of me, the words of I, and the words of everything I previously have known.


I’ve got a little bit longer

Apple has certainly made some steps going forward here (regardless if Android has already had some of these). Definitely some cool hardware upgrades as well as some iOS software updates I am intrigued about.

Two things remain hindering the iPhone still. Until Apple starts offering the user the ability to upgrade their own memory as opposed to buying in different tiers it will remain a second pick from Android users and myself as well. Also, until Apple starts offering more customization how is it suppose to win people over. I mean isn’t the end game in creating new phones to win other users over? It just never seems to be the case with Apple. They keep their users right where they want them. A few slight upgrades here and there. It baffles me, people who are Apple users completely ignore the Android interface.

I had an iPhone 4 for almost 3 years.  I know the iPhone 4 is back in the day at this point and time, however I also had an iPhone 5 for work. The simplicity of the iPhone is extremely nice, however after being an Android user for 2 years now the simplistic ways of the iPhone are the same for me now. No it did not take 2 years lol.  This is not a bashing of iPhone, because quite frankly for the first time since the iPhone 4 came to Verizon I am actually very intrigued by the new Apple products that are hitting the shelves withing the next month.

Remember  these are the words of me, the words of I, and the words of everything I previously have known.

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