People As Places As People

Hello folks,

This is my first actual blog. It has taken me sometime to actually commit to something such as this. I guess I don’t get it, however I put journal like entries online everyday. So I ask myself “Why would I not just put them all in one place?”. So here it is. The words of me, the words of I, and the words of everything I previously have known. LOL I will use improper grammar and cuss like a sailor and probably offend 1-outta-7 people that visit this or read it. Have them call my assistant here –> 1-808-921-9176. 

“That is not proper!” Says the lady in a short red dress from a distance at my latest “Team Meeting” at work. I for one was confused was unsure as to what was actually going on, however this lady was determined “That is not proper!” as she uttered again.  HA I think to myself in semi-confusion to be honest.  “What the fuck is she talking about?” I said to myself.  It turns out she is complaining of the way my co-worker is greeting his members. Granted its the member that came to see him. My friend,  lets call him “Bill” he is greeting guest/members with the typical high-five. Nothing more and nothing less, but a good ole’ “high-five.”  It was of the kind where we’ve been drinking of course. You know the one’s where you yell the receivers name 15 seconds before actual contact takes place. Ones where your hand is in the air for a calculable distance as your walking towards your target. Anywho, fuck all that….cool story bro….not,

As I heard the word “proper”…WTF is “formal”? So I decided to look it up. Proper: truly what something is said or regarded to be; genuine.  HAHAHA I can tell you right now that is hilarious to me. There is no actual definition of “proper”. What is genuine to you? Hell, the only genuine items I know to be true in my life are items in which I deem genuine. Genuine items are user based, if I deem my lakeside apartments sunsets “genuine” that doesn’t mean that is genuine to the farmer looking over a beautiful sunset looking over his/her field of crops. 

Is proper a synonym of  conformity? Technically it isn’t and I am hoping my English major friends Ravin and Crickett can answer that :).  Truth be told they are not.   Words are only words with meaning because of the end user and how they interpret it. My understanding of words are different of yours and the people I know.

I guess what I am really getting at here is speak the truth in which any way you perceive it. We are all under a constant learning curve with this world, because this world that you and I live in is forever changing. If you don’t agree, I am terribly sorry. Today is way different than yesterday and yesterday isn’t even close to what is today. We as mankind have many variations as to what is supposed to be and what is reality. None of which are technically correct mind you.

I leave you with this first blog of mine. Interpret it as you would, interpret it as if I am hammered and speaking out of my ass and interpret it as if it is the utmost truth. However you may please interpret it, please interpret it with cognitive thoughts. Ask yourself “Why , How and Why”. Continue to push mankind and continue to question people like myself that are questioning the ways of what is “proper”, because there is no such thing.  At the end of the day, however these are my beliefs, thoughts, and interpretations as to what life is and not yours. You have every right to disagree and every right to agree. What is yours?

Once again these are the words of me, the words of I, and the words of everything I previously have known.

Goodnight Beautiful World,