These Walls Are Paper Thin

Android fan boys vs Apple fan boys , Customization vs Simplicity , Open-Mindedville vs The Simpletons.

Yes we are all aware if the new iOS coming out today and yes some of you may be very excited (mostly media induced). I am intrigued by several features the new iOS is bringing to the table, however the biggest selling point of these new phones is the screen size. I can’t tell you how many iPhone users (anti-android) have told me they wouldn’t want to switch to Android because all the screen sizes are bigger and it wouldn’t fit in their hand properly. I know this is not speaking on behalf of everyone that deny’s making the switch.  I guess the most irritating thing to me is the fact the way the mass media portrays the 2.  Most of the “new”features that the iOS 8 is bringing has already been there on Android and NOBODY admits that. Give credit where credit is due.  I do like the iPhone6+ camera features I am very intrigued by this. The new Galaxy I am sure will have the touch sensor. Apple had that first. I don’t understand it, however I may never. It won’t keep me from writing about it however.

I have been a user of both Android and iOS. I understand humans have a tendency to repeat the steps of yesterday, but at least do your own research when it comes to getting technology (or anything).  We have a tendency of following others already, dont let the mass media also control your cognitive thinking.   Technology is changing daily and the “new” technology you get today could have been already out for sometime. (cough* Android vs Apple cough*)

This post isn’t completely Anti-Apple, more or less Anti the “Pride” Apple consumers carry. It’s beginning to become a lifestyle for these folks. Consumerism to the fucking teat! You are allowed to vary your tech devices, savvy?   I have a MacBook at home and I love it. Sure I paid a price that far outweighed the actual hardware that it withholds.  I admit it however, I like it. I did my research while shopping for laptops. I had the money and decided to get it. Will I buy another one when it shits the bed? Quite frankly I am not sure, I guess it depends on if I win the lottery or not.


Remember these are the words of me, the words of I, and the words of everything I previously have known.


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