These troubles won’t last forever

Never have I had a more pure title. “These troubles won’t last forever”. I am not even quite sure where I am going with this blog lol. I do know that my sister is getting married this weekend and that has been on my mind.

Family to me has been the utmost influential thing in my life to this day.  Until recently I thought it use to be friendships. The strongest friendships even have a breaking point. This isn’t to say they are dead nor lost. Some of the greatest dudes I have known up to this point have managed to finally distance themselves from who they truly are, but more importantly for who they wish they could still be. My father has always told me since graduating high-school that my “friends” will be gone one day. I started to not believe him because it has taken so long. The day is finally upon me as I approach each night the same. Seeking for something more. The social life I once was apart of is no more.

The very technologies that people have worked on for years to keep us a post away are the very same technologies that keep people in the shadows of their friends to this day. With the ability to tele-communicate 24hrs a day people are still longing for just a simple text message.  Have we became so caught up with technology we’ve forgotten to use it for its sole purpose? Telecommunication?

I have never understood the “complete give up” of the ones you care about the most . Mother fucker I have spent the past 22 years of my life building my friendships why the hell would I give up on them now. People get married, People have kids..I get it. Why is it a correlation in which they must give up friendships? I am sick of tired of dealing with the excuses day in and out. I understand family comes in between the friendships you’ve built all your life, but when I consider them family whats the rule?  Think about it since you have been in kindergarten you have been building friendships. Apparently the thing to do these days are to totally disregard and ignore these friendships you’ve spent a better of your life creating.  Society wants you to believe that it is acceptable.  SINCE WHEN is it acceptable to completely ignore the ones you have given the better part of your life to? The ones you truly care about?

I think I have had such a hard time because of the fact that I have given it my all…all my life I have given it my all. This is in regard to anyone I have ever come across, loved, befriended, or cared about. I have provided you with the foundation of my soul. Why? Because that is how we are suppose to treat people, right?  Honesty and purity are in itself a way to show complete care and love. Why the fuck would you neglect it in such a way in which it destroys any type of relationship we’ve ever had?

I guess I am tired of trying…however that is not a valid excuse for me to give up on it.  Since when has it been acceptable for people who “care” about one another to push it to the side?

Friendships use to be my way of life, However I am learning differently. Life is only what you make of it. Life is what you want it to be. Life is what you define it as. To the people out there that are bettering this world with someone or not I love you.  Please fight on in whatever you are passionate about. Your heart wont steer you wrong.


#FloatOn world.

Remember these are the words of me, the words of I, and the words of everything I previously have known.


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