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Apple has certainly made some steps going forward here (regardless if Android has already had some of these). Definitely some cool hardware upgrades as well as some iOS software updates I am intrigued about.

Two things remain hindering the iPhone still. Until Apple starts offering the user the ability to upgrade their own memory as opposed to buying in different tiers it will remain a second pick from Android users and myself as well. Also, until Apple starts offering more customization how is it suppose to win people over. I mean isn’t the end game in creating new phones to win other users over? It just never seems to be the case with Apple. They keep their users right where they want them. A few slight upgrades here and there. It baffles me, people who are Apple users completely ignore the Android interface.

I had an iPhone 4 for almost 3 years.  I know the iPhone 4 is back in the day at this point and time, however I also had an iPhone 5 for work. The simplicity of the iPhone is extremely nice, however after being an Android user for 2 years now the simplistic ways of the iPhone are the same for me now. No it did not take 2 years lol.  This is not a bashing of iPhone, because quite frankly for the first time since the iPhone 4 came to Verizon I am actually very intrigued by the new Apple products that are hitting the shelves withing the next month.

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