It’s hard to remember we’re alive for the first time, it’s hard to remember we’re alive for the last time

“Nobody believes in friendship anymore. People talk about it, you see it on TV, people drop by, go to the store together, no one eats alone, but most people are alone. That’s the thing about friendship it’s a lot rarer than love, because there is nothing in it for anybody”

^^This quote above has hit me like none other for the past 2 days. Sure “friendship” is important to all, but not all believe in it. I am beginning to think that my true friends have lost the meaning in what friendship really is.  We have let the machine dictate who and what we want. We have let the machine alter our lives.  We have let obtain complete dominance of what we grew up protecting.  Most of us are exactly what our younger selves tried to protect us from. We are the folk we never wanted to become. Not all of us, but most are completely disappointed with what they’ve become. Of course we’re not able to get factual evidence on this, because god forbid those disappoint those who’d be upset.

I know several couples that deep down our completely miserable, but play it off as if everything is okay. It’s quite depressing, not because they’re relationship is a lie, but because they are denying themselves the opportunity to an infinite world.  It’s a bummer people buckle down just because they’re suppose to. Like what the fuck is that suppose to mean? “Well I’ve been dating so and so for this long so I thinks to time we stick together for the rest of our life”. I am not saying this doesn’t happen and maybe this is how you have found your soul mate in life. This is not the case always god damnit. This is not a predetermined requirement to get married. This is not a justification to remain miserable in life.

Go to work (In which you dont like) , Come home to a significant other (In which you dont believe in anything they do or believe in anything they stand for), and completely disregard anything you have previously known (you know the friendships you have spent the past 10 years and so for building). Gee I dont know first off if you dont like your job do something about it for fuck sake! If you have minimal common grounds with your significant other has it ever occurred to you that you may not have enough in common to continue your entire life with them?? God damnit! The friendship thing can’t be explained..only those that have had “true” friends that’d go completely out of their way in search of nothing in return would understand. So since friendship is rarer than love i’ll save my fingers and prefer to not comment on the matter.

The thing about friendship and I is that I truly believe in its nature. I believe in every aspect of it. Brotherhood, unity and solidarity. I am afraid most of the people I have previously known have lost what their younger selves wished upon them. I have friends in relationships that are noticeably unhappy, I have friends working shit jobs because they think it’s what they deserve, most importantly I have friends that have given up on their friendships with their true brothers. Ones who’d be their before their own family. I hope one day even if we’re miles apart we can reconcile what once was.  We do not have to let our current state dictate what we once were.


Remember these are the words of me, the words of I, and the words of everything I previously have known.



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