If it ain’t about a dream, than it ain’t about me

What if? What if what? What if it did happen or what if it didn’t? God forbid society allows this type of questioning happening these days.  They always say you can question the “What if”. Well why the fuck not?!

Growing up playing sports there is always the “What if”.  It’s either upsetting or simply put awesome!  Typically your always going to go with the latter.  It’s just the sheer excitement of what if. It’s the closest thing to being a kid that we are able to hold on to. The imagination of the  human mind is insanely built for thee utmost courageous situation you throw at it.  There is no rules when it comes to questioning the outcome of something. Let me rephrase that. There is no right/wrong answer when it comes to playing make belief.

Wait..What? I am a child for playing make belief? Why do you not play make belief anymore? It is a childish statement i’ll give you that, but how am I suppose to just suppress this imagination I have? Do you not have it? Am I weird? Am I different for having such a vast imagination as opposed to you?  Would you like me to suppress it with some medication? Ahh yes, we don’t want my kind do we? Corporations profit MILLIONS every year to suppress imaginations. I don’t have any type of adhd or add, but at almost 30 years old I have a wandering imagination.  One that is so very active it often keeps me up at night, side tracks me during the days, and often feeds off of every little detail within my day.  I have actually been asked before if I have ADD..NO!  It is this reason why I am writing this for you. I do not. I am intrigued by everything, I want to know why it is happening. What you take from living life is the same shit your reading about in college. People you read about in your books came across something in life wrote it down and now your reading about it. That is a very vague statement and I understand it could go many ways, however the psychologist and sociologist really didn’t do to much except follow their imaginations correct?  They went with what the believed in and have coursed history.

When you think about how long you’ve spent in school, being told what to do  and how to do it, it’s quite scary. Kindergarten to 12th grade is how long it takes to graduate. Let’s throw another 2 maybe 4, 6 or even 8 years of another schooling system that drains you of any financial hope you may have had.  It’s after the 4 years you better be remarkable or your going to fall in line. It’s within the 4 years they make you believe it’s necessary to get a job. <–That’s another blog right there… You have no time to think. You are constantly learning something you may not even care about, which doesn’t necessarily “move” your mind by any means.  At the same time if you fail a class your not allowed questioning it. You failed, you must take that course over.  The line has been drawn, no turning back or better yet forward until you retract.  It’s almost as if you begin school “they” start suppressing any imagination you’ve ever had.

I come before you folk today to point out that your imagination doesn’t die, better yet it never dies. Society has you believing otherwise. I have graduated high school, graduated college and have found a job in my respected field.  None of which has ever stimulated my brain when I have 5 minutes to myself to enjoy the imagination we as humans have been granted.  I do the same things day after day, eat essentially the same things day after day, and talk to the same “group” of people day after day. <–How the fuck is that suppose to stimulate anyone’s mind? You always hear of the robots living among us. Truth be told they are speaking of you, not all of you, but most. I long for pure and in depth conversations anymore. I don’t give a fuck about the weather, I don’t give a fuck about the Kardashians and I sure as shit don’t give a fuck about what so and so said on Facebook. I will admit I use all social media devices for a purpose of my own, but I am not talking about it around the coffee pot in the morning.  The gift of imagination has the ability to forever stimulate or brains. It’s the what if’s and the how comes that keep us on our feet. Embrace it once in awhile, if your not then I truly question your existence.  I often question whether or not I am suppose to be in my field or working elsewhere. We will never know, but we can always ask ourselves. We have the ability to wonder, wander and dream. It’s fucking beautiful. I often go places that I know physically I will never be.  I guess I am just wondering why we allow ourselves to succumb to societies ways. We often our frowned upon for asking “why” and god forbid you stand up against something. Only because you chose to wander to place you know as your own and speak/stand up against the norm.  I stand in front of you folk and ask that you continue to stand up against the norm even when everyone else is standing against you. Your imagination can not be killed or disrupted. The only way it dies is if you allow it.


Remember these are the words of me, the words of I, and the words of everything I previously have known.




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