If I ever met you, I appreciate the love

Hello again its been a couple days and I am still getting this whole blog thing going. Thank you foremost for coming here and reading this, but more importantly please feel free to subscribe and question/comment.

Lets get started. I’d like to point out that all my titles for blogs come from song lyrics that hit me when I hear them. Just like O.A.R said “The best thing about music when it hits you, you feel no pain”. One of the truest statements i’ve ever heard. Music is a huge part of my life. Genre doesn’t matter as long as I can feel it in my soul. Anywho that could be a blog within itself.

I come to you this evening to talk about “Family”. This past weekend I had the opportunity to be apart of my Sisters wedding. THis is the second Sisters wedding that I’ve had the pleasure in being a part of. I am the oldest of us three and have always had the big brother thing going on I suppose. With the way people push Family aside these days I feel rather fortunate of having such a close one. The “perfect” family doesn’t exist I get it. For whatever reason though we are all searching for it? Family is what you make it. Built on items that an outsider cannot and will never understand. The trust you put in one another is a stronger trust a more meaninful trust. It’s the knowing as long as you have each other everything will be alright. It’s the assurance that it doesn’t matter what comes your way you’ve already managed some pretty tough times together and have come out on top. Growing up with a broken family at such a young age can leave kids broken and they lose focus of what is real. I have been rather fortunate in that matter. My Sisters and I have had this unbreakable bond from the start, 28 years later it still exist. The statement “Blood is Thicker than Water” has actual meaning to it between us. The tough times we have endured in the past has only better prepared us for the here and the now. It’s making the best of what you have or had.

I am not quite sure where I wanted to go with this blog, more or less just an appreciation of what I have. I am well aware of what is “real” in this world and “Home to me is reality” <– another O.A.R lyric. Having the pleasure of watching both of my Sisters get married will always carry a place in my heart. Having the pleasure of watching all my Family come together for these special times in all of our lives. I can only hope I pass on the morals and roots that my last name has carried through us up to this point.

This blog is dedicated to my Grandfather: “Grandpa Pete” 07/04/06 #rip


Remember these are the words of me, the words of I, and the words of everything I previously have known.


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