Hello, Hello, Hello….I’m Glad I Found You

“l am starting to feel like everything I do is useless and everyone is against me, I get up everyday and give it my all, no one seems to appreciate or respect me for anything I do. Can anyone relate?”

^^^ I came across this post on my Facebook wall tonight.  It comes across to me as a semi-depressing post, because I know this person. I know they are one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met, this person has served for our country on numerous tours and from what I have witnessed is very well respected amongst their peers.

I am curious as to what took place for this post to be manufactured. There had to be a specific event that took place for this post to be created. I have been thinking very similar thoughts and this is why a blog is being created tonight.

Most people go day in and out at their job and never tell a soul about it. You know the typical “How was your day?” “How was work?” technology and this fear of running out of “work time” has restricted our conversation on a day to day basis. It has altered our overall care for one another. Actions speak louder than words and unfortunately in a world flourished with technology words spoken between one another are to far and few between.

To say I am not guilty would be a lie. I try to talk to my siblings and parents as much as possible. A 5 minute phone call is all it takes. Find out how they are doing? Did they have something important going in their life today? Let them know they have been working hard or your proud of them and their accolades. Hitting a home-run in your life could be completely different in someone else’s. The negativity in this life is downright ugly. The hurtful words, the hate, the whole pick a side or else is dumb.

I dare not associate myself with these type of folks anymore. I don’t have time for it and as far as I am concerned they don’t deserve such an understanding loyal friend.  I don’t have time for enemies. I have some amazing friendships that I cherish. Good “I care for you and you care for me” type of friendships. The kind of people you search your entire life for.  I am extremely fortunate with the people I’ve met, the type of people I dare to never take for granted. Perhaps it’s the reasoning behind the mild depression of what isn’t anymore. I am just fine knowing they are doing well, I am happy their healthy, and at peace with the fact we’ve shared laughter together. It doesn’t take much for me to appreciate a good thing. I’ve grown up and have seen pain. I have witnessed what it can do before I’ve realized what is even going on.

It wasn’t to long ago that I vowed to be more open to the beliefs of others. To be open minded you must be “OPEN-MINDED” accept all. Why should we not like each other because you believe something different. That is so silly to me.  The only credit i’ll ever give to my time of employment at Kalahari is the people it introduced me to.  I have met some great people, people that I would’ve disregarded in the past. I love them, I love all of them. The uniqueness and friendship they’ve showed me has been nothing short of pure.

I write this blog for not only you guys, but to remind myself. At time’s we need to step back from this life and see what we have in front of us. This life where technology is new every morning we wake. There is a better app, a better phone, some type of new communication technology. At the same time we disregard it like its a plague. I see it as humanities cry for help. “Let’s come together, Lets help one another, You are not alone” these are the things that this technology is trying to tell us. It doesn’t have to speak words to tell us what we are doing wrong. It’s being laid out right in front of us. I ask of you to be nicer to people, spread kindness when possible. I promise I am going to do the same, because I am tired of the pain in everyday life.  If I have the opportunity to make a difference in just on persons life per day I will gladly accept that.


Remember these are the words of me, the words of I, and the words of everything I previously have known.



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