Days like today make reconcile seem far away

Damn feels like forever since I’ve had the chance to sit down and just write.  In all honesty sitting down and writing is an escape for me just as drinking.  Uh oh now I am an alcoholic, we love titles and diagnosing people.

I have been wanting to write a for awhile now so I do apologize beforehand if this post is compilation of chaos.  It’s crazy once you finally start going your separate ways from you usual ways you start realizing that you literally the opportunity of a lifetime to do whatever it is you please. “What do I want to do?” <– The million dollar question.  There is no multiple choice, ask the audience or phone a friend on this one. You are the sole owner of this one. What if I mess up? What if I lose contact with the people I care for? What if I fail at my next endeavor? Questions that constantly darken the path. If I mess up i’ll become stronger, If I lose contact with the people I care about we never actually cared that much for each other and If I fail i’ll become wiser.  It’s vicious path we put ourselves through and the thing about it is we don’t have to.  I’ve come to realization that I am standing at a crossroads.  We always the opportunity to go back.  If I go off the beaten path it won’t be hard to find it once again.  I know I am stronger mentally than most give me credit for. The chaotic life I’ve made it through thus far has only strengthened me.  I feel as if I am able to see this life and world for what it is.  My horizon if very well broadened and I am open to most things.  So with this being said why am I so comfortable with complacency? Why am I okay with mediocrity?

We constantly search for more in life over foolish social networks.  We constantly interact with people we really don’t even care for.  Facebook is nothing more than a plague.  We see people doing awesome shit and wish we could be doing it. We see people doing the same things they did last year. We see people regressing in life and we see people bettering themselves. People starting families, people living single and people that okay with their current standings.  To each their own and I embrace it.  Do what you want to, I get it, but I do believe that we are all constantly searching for more. I know the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, but how are we suppose to know if we don’t find out for ourselves. What really pisses me off is the negativity that comes along with people wanting to embrace a different lifestyle. Perhaps its moving to a different state, trying to obtain a different goal or just trying to better themselves somehow. People are always going to judge each decision we make so do it anyhow. Kid Cudi said “People gon judge you anyway so whatever” a very truthful statement.

Another thing Facebook offers is a place for complete ignorance. I will be the first to admit that I do post a lot of topics ranging from controversial to educational.  I had a French teacher in high-school that always told us to “Do you own research, dont believe me.” Looking back that is some of the greatest advice I have ever been given.  It has become a major part of who I am.  There is plenty of bullshit information on the Internet, but it is our responsibility to find actual accredited information.  In a world where we have unlimited information at our fingertips we as a nation are ignorant as all hell. Change is bad has been burned into us.  I blame the area that I grew up in. Small town where everyone knows everybody. Folk around here don’t embrace change, matter of fact we shy away from it. Not all, but most do. People who grew up around here with myself cannot disapprove of this statement without having their fingers crossed.  It’s semi-annoying, but once again it’s my choice to remain here or move.  Waking up and doing the same thing is comforting to some people and quite frankly that is okay. I for one have been seeking something more and its become an everyday event now.  Hence my crossroads.

We are in constant search of the “BIG BREAK”. Newsflash for you, if you wake up day in and out and do the same things day in and out your going to get the same results.  I understand I am being very hypocritical at this point, but I was hoping by writing a blog post on the matter it’d give me some motivation to make some changes in my life, perhaps even drastic ones. Home will always be home. You can always return and I know people who I have moved and returned. I also know people who have moved and have never looked back.  It really boils down to looking deep inside of you. It’s crazy that the very technology that was created to bring us as Family, Friends and Colleagues closer is keeping us farther apart than we have ever been.  I have been contemplating on creating a pledge page for people to give up their Facebook accounts. If you want to talk to someone give them a call, go grab a coffee or lunch. Society don’t know how to have face-to-face conversations anymore it’s crazy. What are you guys thoughts on this?  Fear can be crushing to our dreams and I need to break away from it.


Remember these are the words of me, the words of I, and the words of everything I previously have known.



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