But one time out of ten, everything is perfect for us all.

First and foremost I would strongly like to apologize for my lack of post in the past 2 weeks. I have had an extreme amount of weight on my shoulders and I tend to share most of it with you in good time seeing how this is an exit for me anymore.  Today is

“November 8th” (it was when I started writing this) dead center in the Scorpio season. I am proudly one of these and I do withhold many of these aspects.  We are not here to talk about this however, but to embrace my birthday. Why are we embracing this you may ask? Well some of the Scorpio aspects I withhold dearly cause me to question the things I do day in and out.

The thing about friendship these days is that nobody actually believes in it anymore. They like to think they believe in it and funny thing is they think they are loyal by all means. Sadly mistaken often they are.  I turned 29 years old today and my loyalty to my friends hasn’t changed since I met them 15 years ago.

Apparently its a big deal to get the group together these days to celebrate the birth of anyone. No, I am not talking about me in general, however I am talking about all of my  friends. I don’t get it.   Am I wrong for missing and caring for them so much when they return no favor?  I dont know you tell me?  The loyalty I proclaim is often not believed, but it’s okay.  I contacted many “friends” for this Saturday night that fell on November 8th and without regard received absolutely no responses and tbh I think I get it.  I honestly think I understand what my father was telling me all about 6 years ago.  Friends aren’t here to stay.  These days I am interpreting that as the “loyalty” is not here to stay, but the “friendship” is.   “Blood makes you related and loyalty makes you family” .

The people that would’ve been here 5 years ago are doing absolutely nothing more than what they were doing 5 years ago and were still unable to make it, however its the times. We can all blame the times. The times have been killing us for some years now.  It’s time we wake up from the Utopian lifestyle many of us lived in.  Believe you me, I don’t plan on waking up.  Tbh I honestly plan on leaving this area by next summer. It’s cool though…after I have told several of my plans (dreams) to some of my friends they’ve responded with “you dont want to leave here”, “you’ll move back in 5 years”..etc. THANKS! Thank you my “friends” for really supporting me through my endeavors. I will be damned If I am caught up with your complacency around here and I do apologize but I’ve had enough of it.  I’ve had enough of seeing the people I care most about unhappy with their lives and feel they are stuck. I am tired of not being able to help my closest friends as I watch them go into a spiral downfall.   I am sorry we couldn’t of been family.


Remember these are the words of me, the words of I, and the words of everything I previously have known.



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